Sharon is about turning your impossibles into possibilities, through being a change agent by identifying what is ‘right’ and ‘effective’ for YOU.  She empowers through free-will and choice, inspiring and igniting all to connect to their highest good; offering information and assistance unique to the individual.  This website is a unique blend of services provided by Sharon McLaughlin that can assist YOU. Contact Sharon

Welcome message from Sharon – My prayer for you is to become conscious, choose the highest good in whatever you experience.  It is you that makes the difference.  Blessings be.  

Recent Reflections


MAY Miracles

As this video is an initial video of teaching the Gratitude Meditation, it is under 22mins, as it talks of after the initial 11mins you can connect in a moment to express “Gratitude is…” ********************** Facebook post “MAY is all about Miracles.  From the 1st of May – join 22days of co-creating miracles & prosperity […]

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Understand the ‘whys’ of cyclone prep

You do get a good understand of the ‘whys’ of cyclone preparation in the aftermath of a Cyclone.  Cyclone Debbie was not my first experience. Debbie also affected via the after storms all the way down the east coast of Australia and even as far as New Zealand. Why you need a cyclone or natural […]

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What is your coping strategy?

Everyone has their own ways of coping, whether you are aware or not.  Simply, when we feel stressed, we turn to our coping strategies.  These strategies can come from behaviours that can be good or bad for you, yet they will give you some form of pleasure to take away from the pain of whatever […]

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About Sharon

Sharon’s years of experience and background will provide you with the tools and resources to embrace your life in new and creative ways! Her practical and organised approach incorporates your current outlook and offers new perspectives to achieve your goals. Read more about Sharon…


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Connecting: Thank you from my heart.  This beautiful prayer and ritual.  Feel very blessed and joyful.  S Spain

Coaching:  NOW offering exciting NEW mini coaching ‘helping hand’ zoom 1/2hr sessions
Testimonial: May 2016
Thank you so much for the invaluable advice and intuitive clearing of my third eye chakra. I could feel you clearing it instantly and it remains open and fully functioning.
I feel ready to resume my study and I’ve had amazing inspiration for my writing work as well.
On the whole, I feel energised and back on track thanks to you.
I would totally encourage anyone to set aside 30 minutes to achieve such instant and excellent results.
K QLD Australia

Connecting: Thanks so much for doing this reading for me.  It is very thought provoking and there is a lot to ponder and savour.  J. Ontario 

Coaching: In the work environment I always found Sharon to work to the highest levels; easily fulfilling company values of people, learning, integrity, fulfilment and stewardship.  At all times she proved her confidentiality and loyalty, and always demonstrated her trustworthiness.  I have always admired her ability to connect with people on different levels with work or personal issues.  Moranbah QLD Australia

Training: ‘Be more Active’ Outdoor gym sessions – group comments – enjoyed the variation, all were happy with the service and their expectations were either met or exceeded, with all happy to recommend.

Coaching:  I’ve never met Sharon before this session.  She gently guided me to help unravel my blocks and shifted the blocks as well.  I have never experienced such a powerful and truly moving session,  Sharon is a very gifted energy healer, and I plan to continue working with Sharon in the future.  M Vic Australia Sept 2014

This site is not a replacement for medical treatment or legal assistance. It offers information, reflections as “food for thought”, services and tools to be considered for inspiration and used by your own free-will and choice.