Sharon is about turning your impossibles into possibilities, through being a change agent by identifying what is ‘right’ and ‘effective’ for YOU.  She empowers through free-will and choice, inspiring and igniting all to connect to their highest good; offering information and assistance unique to the individual.  This website is a unique blend of services provided by Sharon McLaughlin that can assist YOU. Contact Sharon

Welcome message from Sharon – My prayer for you is to become conscious, choose the highest good in whatever you experience.  It is you that makes the difference.  Blessings be.  

Recent Reflections


What is your coping strategy?

Everyone has their own ways of coping, whether you are aware or not.  Simply, when we feel stressed, we turn to our coping strategies.  These strategies can come from behaviours that can be good or bad for you, yet they will give you some form of pleasure to take away from the pain of whatever […]

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Choose to Transform

It is a choice, you can transform. CHOOSE to TRANSFORM For those that choose the short form – do this for 3days over the full moon, and invite Archangek Haniel to guide you. For those that choose to commit to the next 12wks, call in Archangel Michael, Serpis Bay, Lady Nada and Saint Germain, (or your […]

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Many ways

Many ways, many choices We have reached a pivotal moment in time that there are so more many ways and many choices. This is because it is no longer necessary to be in the same room with your teacher or student.  For some it may mean past, parallel and multi-dimension ways.  For others it may […]

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About Sharon

Sharon’s years of experience and background will provide you with the tools and resources to embrace your life in new and creative ways! Her practical and organised approach incorporates your current outlook and offers new perspectives to achieve your goals. Read more about Sharon…


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Coaching: In the work environment I always found Sharon to work to the highest levels; easily fulfilling company values of people, learning, integrity, fulfilment and stewardship.  At all times she proved her confidentiality and loyalty, and always demonstrated her trustworthiness.  I have always admired her ability to connect with people on different levels with work or personal issues.  Moranbah QLD Australia

Coaching: Thanks Sharon….Really thank you for the session…really amazing.  You are very gifted. K Australia

Connecting: Thank you for showing me things as they are and giving me some clarity.  N.  NSW Australia

Connecting: Thanks so much for doing this reading for me.  It is very thought provoking and there is a lot to ponder and savour.  J. Ontario 

Coaching: Thank you for taking the time to bring more clarity to my life.  D Canada

Coaching/Training:  (Comment from event 2016) This is great! and definitely sure to keep me on track! THANKS SHARON!

This site is not a replacement for medical treatment or legal assistance. It offers information, reflections as “food for thought”, services and tools to be considered for inspiration and used by your own free-will and choice.